Monday, October 29, 2012

The Changing Design Scene

As a professional interior designer for over 25 years, this past year has seen the biggest and most rapid change in the design scene in my memory.

What is the difference today, and what can we do as designers to help our clients deal with the added importance of the new reality in all our lives?

  • We are all seeing the economy improving on a path of continued slow growth for years to come whoever wins the election.
  • Money is now being spent more carefully therefore how dollars are apportioned in a design project is still an important factor in a successful design.
  • Design oriented web sites offering everything and promoting a "you design it" mentality is confusing but empowering everyone.
  • For our clients, cost  consideration in selecting product is paramount in helping meet their goals.    Is it more about style or name brand?
  •  Clients still want designers who are open to listening to their wishes and needs and incorporating those into their designs wherever possible.
  • For the designer, the amount of design detailing and product quality level must be discussed openly so expectations are understood in advance.
  • Designers need to be upfront in discussing  their ability of meeting the expectations of  the client.  
The value of the  interior design professional is more important today than ever before.

As the professional, we need to continue to help our clients through the design process with creative yet practical design solutions, clear communication, and clean transparent business practices in a relevant, forward thinking way..