Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 Tips on Timeless Luxury Design

My design philosophy is always to create luxury design that is timeless.  This means the overall design can stand the test of time and be seen just as current today as tomorrow with a feel of sophistication that incorporates beautiful, interesting materials in a well thought out environment.

Based on my knowledge and experience, here is what that takes: 

1.    Look at creating a design that is based on function and problem solving since luxury is all about the personal, custom approach to a design solution.

 2.     Always design the “bones” of the interior, (walls, floors, ceiling designs) to be permanent since these set the stage of the overall design. 

3.     Create an architectural background with important detailing that gives uniqueness and definition to the home, including creative and proper lighting solutions. 

4.     Use natural materials like stone, fine woods, and marbles that convey a sense of strength and everlasting beauty. 

5.     Choose furnishings with interesting finishes that add to the overall character of the home like unique woods such as anigre, African  Bubinga, Wenge or stone materials mixing in onyx or unusual marbles. 

6.     Choose materials or fabrics that are durable yet have rich textures or color tones that are inviting and can feel delicious. 

7.      Use your knowledge and expertise to guide decisions for color and furnishings.  Never follow the “color of the year” but rather the direction should be focused on what relates to preferences. 

8.     Stay clean and always refine without too much clutter. Overdoing anything tends to become weary quickly.  Luxury is often seen through fine line and clarity. 

9.     Luxury is also conveyed with consistency in design throughout the home, inside and out.  Stay true to the architectural elements you create or are created by the architect. 

10.  Timeless luxury design can be contemporary, modern, traditional, transitional or casual eclectic as long as it is well done with quality details and well thought out choices.