Monday, August 19, 2013

Tips to Creating a Successful Luxury Bath

 Exquisite Penthouse Master Bath

10 Tips to Creating a Successful Luxury Bath
alene workman, FASID for Dwell Magazine

Great bath design succeeds when people think about how they want to live and function in their private sanctum.  Everything is critical to the vision the owner/design professional wants to create in this very personal space.

It is all about creating a wish list along with the basics that will allow you to create the outline to proceed.

Zen Modern Bath
1.  Know your design style by checking out what you see in magazines, on the net or other media- Is it modern, spa like, transitional or traditional?

2.  Think about the size of the space and come up with a great layout.  Do you have room to create his and her baths or private, separate water closets for the toilets?

3.  Include a qualified professional designer, architect or certified bath designer with the experience to get you where you want to go.

4.  Don’t be afraid to make a statement. Create interest or drama in design, color, or material use.

Private Home Powder Room
5.  Look for wonderful, interesting rich materials for floors, walls, cabinets and counter tops.  Go for exotic woods, stones with unusual finishes like leather-ed and flamed marble tops or add some inlaid floor patterning.

Renovated Bath
6.   Go for great bath lighting which is critical to successful design and making you look good.  Get this done properly and professionally.  Make sure the vanity has eye level side sink lighting combined with upper lighting.  Include accent lighting in other bath locations.

7.  Always anticipate storage needs and build that in to your designs.  The biggest luxury is being able to find the right place to put everything away neatly.  Plan your custom cabinetry based on these needs.

8.  Think about what will make this room special.  Is there a sexy free standing tub, a place for some highlighted great art or is this bath a relaxing retreat with a great chaise lounge? 

9.  Think about the items that you will need to make this bath a true luxury space.  Have you included a hand held shower at a large tub for personal use and easy cleaning?  Are there dual shower heads with an overhead rain head? Is there a TV in the shower with music controls?

10.Don’t forget to include those truly pampered personalized items like heated floors, a fireplace or a private morning bar area to make that first cup of your favorite coffee?
The Ultimate Bath

As with all good design, a great bath needs expertise, knowledge and planning. A functioning, well designed and beautiful bathroom is a true luxury.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Online Blogging for Dwell Magazine

As a new, new venture for 2013, I have been asked by Dwell Magazine and the national ASID organization to begin a blog for the online Dwell site.  So far I have 2 posted articles.  The most recent, April 2013, has been picked up by J Robert Scott company on their Facebook page.  This article discusses a new generation of materials that I see available for the upscale, luxury market.  Click on the J Robert Scott site below to see their post.


To directly link to the Dwell blog, click on:

The above photo shows a guest bedroom from our recently completed project were a wonderful new product from 3Form company allows the back lit headboard wall  to glow without seeing the source of light.

The rest of this newly published project is featured in  the Spring 2013  issue of Florida Design Magazine.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 Tips on Timeless Luxury Design

My design philosophy is always to create luxury design that is timeless.  This means the overall design can stand the test of time and be seen just as current today as tomorrow with a feel of sophistication that incorporates beautiful, interesting materials in a well thought out environment.

Based on my knowledge and experience, here is what that takes: 

1.    Look at creating a design that is based on function and problem solving since luxury is all about the personal, custom approach to a design solution.

 2.     Always design the “bones” of the interior, (walls, floors, ceiling designs) to be permanent since these set the stage of the overall design. 

3.     Create an architectural background with important detailing that gives uniqueness and definition to the home, including creative and proper lighting solutions. 

4.     Use natural materials like stone, fine woods, and marbles that convey a sense of strength and everlasting beauty. 

5.     Choose furnishings with interesting finishes that add to the overall character of the home like unique woods such as anigre, African  Bubinga, Wenge or stone materials mixing in onyx or unusual marbles. 

6.     Choose materials or fabrics that are durable yet have rich textures or color tones that are inviting and can feel delicious. 

7.      Use your knowledge and expertise to guide decisions for color and furnishings.  Never follow the “color of the year” but rather the direction should be focused on what relates to preferences. 

8.     Stay clean and always refine without too much clutter. Overdoing anything tends to become weary quickly.  Luxury is often seen through fine line and clarity. 

9.     Luxury is also conveyed with consistency in design throughout the home, inside and out.  Stay true to the architectural elements you create or are created by the architect. 

10.  Timeless luxury design can be contemporary, modern, traditional, transitional or casual eclectic as long as it is well done with quality details and well thought out choices.