Friday, December 2, 2011

Designers Value as Client Advocate

Many people come to our firm not fully understanding our value to them as their project advocate.  As designers, we constantly need to update and educate our potential clients as to what we actually bring to the table for them.
  1. Our first job is to help the potential clients see that in addition to creatively designing their    homes or companies, we are artists, engineers, facilitators, leaders to other team members, creating the overall project aesthetic, and running the project as a business through complete purchasing and installation.  
  2. We act on their behalf and are a true advocate. We meet  budgets goals and have fiduciary responsibility helping them to choose wisely in purchases.
  3. We are problem solvers that  work to improve their lives or work spaces.  We push boundaries and discover new and better ways to solve interior challenges.
  4. We are a resource of new and unusual materials that can be used in exciting and unexpected ways.
  5. We are experienced collaborators with our client and other design team professionals, always working to get the best result for them to meet their goals.
    Combined, that spells great service and value in our role be be their main advocate.  We have their best interest in our view starting with the initial conversation and ending at the final installation being the last to walk out the door.

    Thank you for reading along again and I look forward to our next meeting.

    Warm Regards,