Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Sketch

Here is one of many sketches done while in the process of designing an 11,000 square foot home along with the photo taken of the master bath after the home was completed. Our sketch presentation is  remarkably positive  since it’s easier to erase on paper than replace if we’re not in sync with the client.  (That has never happened).  This is part of our master plan presentation to our clients so that they understand our design clearly, long before anything is built or purchased.

The initial sketch presentation along with materials used in the space is unique since most firms do not take the time or forethought to completely design, draw and plan a project in advance.  It is based on my commitment to communicate clearly to our clients so that they become excited and  understand the outcome before they need to spend any money on furnishes or finishing.  It makes them appreciate that “we get it” early into the process.  That is the beginning of trust.